Spydur Service

SIP Trunking & Hosted Voice

Saving Money Makes Everyone Happy!

By far the single greatest cost will forever and always be the recurring expenses! Your monthly telephone bills are cumulative and far exceed any single purchases you may make. Take advantage of our Spydur Service for your whole company, or supplement your existing carrier with redundancy and least-cost-routing.

Spydur Service SIP Trunking & Hosted Voice
Business Phone Service DID Service Low International Rates Fraud Protection Emergency Services (E911)

Business Phone ServiceBusiness Phone Service

Get high quality local, long distance, and toll-free dialing throughout the United States that is competitively priced with more than 150 direct interconnections.

DID ServiceDID Service

Terminate your local and toll-free DID’s and never miss a call again due to outages or quality issues. 100% redundancy and round-the-clock monitoring ensure uninterrupted service and independent call traffic management.

Low International RatesLow International Rates

Connect with the largest network of IXCs and LECs to hundreds of rural carriers, international PTT interconnections, and in-country carriers for the lowest cost routes in the world. Our call volume and close relationships with international partners translate to the most cost-effective pathways attainable to Latin America, Asia, and Europe.

Fraud ProtectionFraud Protection

Safeguard against hackers and fraudulent activity with the highest state-of-the-art security protocols and disaster recovery fail-safes in the industry. With ACL whitelists for all sites, secured SIP-enabled trunk registration, international-call blocking, and unauthorized access alerts. Traffic is carefully monitored and any anomalous activity is flagged with swift investigative action and immediate customer notification.

Emergency Services (E911)

We support both 911 calling and E911 calling where it is available, and specialize in multi-site and remote site E911 services as well!

Spydur Service SIP Trunking & Hosted Voice
Fax Support High Definition Voice Disaster Recovery Routing Easy Customer Portal

Fax SupportFax Support

Fax over IP with T.38, or scrap your fax machine entirely while keeping your fax number with a lower cost, more convenient way to receive faxes in private and on the go. Our online faxing capability sends faxes directly to your inbox!

High Definition VoiceHigh Definition Voice

We support high definition voice with perfect clarity through using the wideband G.722 codec for the ultimate in call quality!

Disaster Recovery RoutingDisaster Recovery Routing

Disaster Recovery Routing with automatic detection provides the ability to set pre-determined failover routes for any DID on your account.

Easy Customer PortalEasy Customer Portal

Simplify the management of your SIP Trunking with CallerID settings, Emergency Services, Access Control Lists, and Disaster Recovery Routing with full access to Real-time billing statements, backup payment methods, and automatic bill-pay!

Spydur Service SIP Trunking & Hosted Voice

10-10-10 DEAL

$ 10 / mo

$10 for 10x Channels / Simultaneous Calls

1x Local DID w/ E911
3x Forwards (Disaster Recovery)
$.019/minute ‘pay-as-you-go’


Full 24

$ 20 / mo

$20 for 24x Channels / Simultaneous Calls

1x Local DID w/ E911
3x Forwards (Disaster Recovery)
$.019/minute ‘pay-as-you-go’



$ 25 / mo

$25 for 1x Channels / Simultaneous Calls

1x Local DID w/ E911
3x Forwards (Disaster Recovery)
UNLIMITED Domestic Dialing

Spydur Certified Strong

Expandable Options for All Plans!

$2.50 – Local Telephone Number (1x Already Included)
$5.00 – Toll-Free Telephone Number
$5.00 – Fax-to-Email (Inbound Fax Receptor)
$5.00 – Conference Room

$2.50 – Additional E911 Location Registrations (1x Already Included)
$5.00 – Additional Forwards / Disaster Recover (3x Already Included)
$10.00 – Additional SIP Trunks / MultiSite Applications (1x Already Included)

We want to save your valuable time, by giving you one number to call whenever you need assistance! Let us give you the personal attention you deserve, and avoid being shuttled back and forth between multiple providers. Dialtone is only the beginning, and we want to understand and service your needs from end-to-end to help you be the most productive you can be. Please contact us and let us know how we can best serve you today!

One Provider – One Monthly Bill – One Number to Call