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35 Years of BusinessWho We Are (Our History)

It’s official, we have been in business serving your needs for a whopping thirty-five years… It continues to be an incredible ride, and couldn’t be possible without you! Be sure to also check out the SpydurBlog for a brief chronicle on how Spydur Technologies was established way back in 1986, and has grown over the years to service you better!

Spydur Technologies began its life in Voice Processing as Voice Mail Inc (VMI), and started out as the #1 support and product development organization for the Genesis Cindi (one of the big three at the time). We are the ones who developed the first loop-back technology for integrating the Harris 1200 with the Genesis Cindi. Within 6 months, every major voice mail manufacturer in the industry would adopt Voice Mail, Inc’s loop-back integration solution. This was in the early days of proprietary $100k+ Voice Mail machines, as we quickly transitioned and saw the benefit of open architecture hardware.

It was only a couple short years of exploding growth before we expanded from our original office building to our new office building at ten times the size, just a mile down the road. ATT, Harris Lanier, and Executone all started using Voice Mail, Inc to supply voice processing equipment and support to their customers. Inteconnects also quickly started using Voice Mail, Inc for supply and expertise they simply did not have in-house.

We soon became the #1 support organization for the wildly popular open architecture Avaya Octel with direct support of approximately 3,000 end user sites, and grew to be authorized distribution for another twenty different manufacturers! Well-known brands we were authorized distribution for also included: Active Voice, Amanda, CallWare, MacroVoice, MaiSoft, Telekol, and VSR… to name a few. Later years would go on to also involve “the Great Y-2000 Scare”, as we worked tirelessly to meet the exploding demand of the years surrounding Y2k.

During this same time, telephone equipment manufacturers recognized voice processing would be a requirement for all new installations and started buying the voice processing companies themselves; incorporating the technology directly into their traditional TDM telephone systems. These system were totally proprietary with each manufacturer having their own communications protocol. It was during this time that Voice Mail, Inc. greatly expanded its service to support the many “orphaned” voice processing systems (and still do to this day).

The ITU (International Telecommunications Union) would go on to declare Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) as the one standard for all digital voice communications (much like we have one standard for all analog voice communications). Building upon our expertise, the SpydurPBX was born in 2005 with our new d.b.a. (doing business as) in hand… Spydur Technologies. This was perfect timing as the voice processing industry as a stand lone industry began to decline. Where once there were 100+ manufacturers, today there are only a few legacy products still being manufactured. The Spydur has been a natural fit in maintaining a number of our core business principles: keep it simple (KISS), no nickle and diming, plug ‘n play, and no limits!

The Spydur from the beginning has been manufacturer-agnostic (best of breed), and can use any industry-standard telephone from any manufacturer (analog or digital) by supporting several common protocols: SIP, Nortel UNIStim, Cisco SCCP, and IAX (to name a few). Furthermore, the Spydur requires no heavy support/maintenance contracts, software assurance, or recurring SMARTnet fees… and is easily branded by the supplier with their own name and logo displayed prominently on the hardware and user interfaces.

While development still remains predominantly on the high end, we soon introduced a smaller SpydurByte, and then a smaller still SpydurCore. Simultaneously, we released the SpydurUM to serve as a traditional voicemail system (in support of customers on older telephone systems) and provides protracted migration to current technology using the same software as the SpydurPBX (which is especially helpful for large organizations). Later years would see the release of the SpydurHospitality, and services both flagged and non-flagged properties as a complete telephone system.

The Spydur has proven to be a most remarkable platform from the very beginning, and has only grown in its reach and capabilities; further demonstrating amazing flexibility as a standalone application server (conferencing, fax server, voicemail, etc). During these years, Spydur Technologies has also served as a closed-beta and product development site for Aastra, Avaya, Mitel, and Panasonic telephones. We also wrote the Mitel Dealer Builder Program (MDBP) to help Mitel dealers survive the changing communications environment where full-interoperability, mobility, and functionality are paramount.

We have seen many changes, and have continued to learn and grow. We see the coming years as a real boom for Spydur Technologies, and the industry as a whole! While providing migration for legacy systems continues, we fully expect hosted solutions to continue being the gift that keeps on giving (currently accounting for 30% of all new system sales). We remain especially focused on helping interconnect and network solution providers with delivering the best solution possible for all of their valued customers!

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