VoIP / Telecom

SIP Trunking & Hosted Voice

SIP Trunking & Hosted Voice

Take advantage of the flexibility and cost savings by connecting SIP Trunks with your very own SpydurPBX!  Your will find the Return on Investment (RoI) is incredibly quick with a significantly reduced overhead.  Alternatively, enjoy a Hosted Voice solution where the SpydurPBX is serviced and maintained for you off-site.  This guarantees up-time while still having significantly more features with running a SpydurPBX.



The SpydurPBX truly is a “best-of-breed” telephone system where you can fully utilize any mixture of standards-based hardware from any manufacturer and communicate across any medium. Gone are the days of proprietary hardware and excessive licenses… unlock your communications today with the power and flexibility of the SpydurPBX!

Voice Mail

Legacy Voice Mail

See how we can help service your aging voice mail system or even replace it with a modern UCS application server on your existing telephone system!  This allows you to keep your investment intact, and provide a gradual migration to a modern infrastructure at your own pace!

Managed IT

Network Security & Firewall

Network Security

Take the necessary steps to properly secure your network, and stop being an easy target for opportunistic attackers before it is too late!  Scan your connection to the outside world for existing vulnerabilities, implement a working solution to protect essential services, and help mitigate future attacks.



Fully integrate your business services on your own terms, and leverage the available technology to support more productivity in-house!  Scale back your overhead by eliminating dependencies on 3rd-party services, increase security, and improve data integrity by being self-supporting – all at the same time!

Web Design & Web Hosting

Web Design & Web Hosting

Let us guide you through the process of creating a new and improved web presence for your company!  Increase productivity by further leveraging web-enabled application packages for your Mobile Workforce.  Go completely Self-Hosted or allow us to host it for you.

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Allow us to help you with a comprehensive solution to service your needs. Few systems operate in complete isolation. Instead, let us build an integrated system that works to achieve the results you are looking for in a multitude of ways!

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Modern Technology

The Best Technology with a useful purpose, and NOT technology for technology-sake! In practical terms, the technologies we employ have a very tangible reason for their existence.

Powerful Equipment

We utilize only proven, industry-standard equipment. Everything we supply is far less complex, and therefore much more reliable (no proprietary hardware with all standard components).

Quality Hardware

We only use quality components in any solution we provide. Cost savings simply do not justify cutting corners!

Affordable Price

We really want you to be happy… really. We are simply looking to offer the products and services you desire with the greatest value!

Professional Team

We have been around since 1986! Let us put our 30+ years of servicing experience to work for you.

24 / 7 Support

Help is only a click or call away! It doesn’t matter where you, your system, or support are located when your site can be securely managed remotely in an instant. Onsite support is also available!

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