Efficient Scalability

The Cloud Is Just Someone Else’s Computer

Stop the perpetual rental fees and regain control of your data by creating your own cloud platform through virtualization!  Eliminate dependencies on service providers, greatly increase performance through local access, and dramatically shrink the attack surface by keeping traffic inside your network.

Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization
Proxmox Virtualization

Reverse Proxy & Web Server

Use a Reverse Proxy to play Traffic Cop and immediately enhance the security, performance, and reliability of your Web Server(s) while simultaneously serving an unlimited number of websites from a single Public IP Address.

Mail Server & Spam Server

Add a layer of protection for the Mail Server by first directing inbound messages through a Spam Server to filter out unwanted and malicious email.

Domain Controller & DHCP Server

Control user access to vital network resources by adding your computers to a Domain, and utilize a full-featured DHCP Server to maintain your network.

File Server & BackUp

Centrally store your files to maintain security, provide availability, and ensure your information is always being backed up!

Convert Legacy Servers to Virtual

Virtualize aging servers of all kinds to mitigate future hardware failures with hard-to-find or unsupported parts, and keep them going indefinitely!

Proxmox Virtualization