Network Security

Proactive Detection & Mitigation

Because Security really Matters!

These gatekeepers are responsible for controlling what data is allowed to flow in and out of your network!  Safeguard your security and lock down the network to ensure only permitted users have access to the expected resources from authorized locations.

Cisco Network Security
Netgate Network Security
pfSense Network Security

Captive Portal & RADIUS Authentication

Automatically block connectivity to all unknown users until they validate their identity and/or provide authentication with the captive portal on guest networks.

DNS & IP Blocking

Use network-based DNS blocking to mitigate risk, stop unwanted advertisements, and use IP blacklists to automatically drop all traffic from known bad actors across the entire Internet!

Intrusion Detection

Proactively monitor the network for malicious activity, receive alerts when suspicious traffic is discovered, and automatically break communication or simply flag the traffic for manual review.

Redundancy & High Availability

Automatic Failover and Guaranteed Up-Time with Redundant internet connections, redundant hardware (drives & power supplies), and multiple high-availability routers/gateways with no single points of failure for mission-critical installations with high availability.

Quality of Service (QoS)

Increase speed by properly segmenting “data hogs” and guarantee throughput for priority data traffic (e.g. VoIP Call Quality). Users will be grateful for the noticeable speed increase over the very same connection!

Traffic Monitor

Keep a watchful eye on all traffic going in and out of your network with historical graphs that monitor activity 24/7/365!

Virtual Local Area Networking (VLAN)

Run completely separated virtual networks over a single physical network. This allows significantly larger overall networks with many more devices, and allows tight control of what traffic is permitted to flow between each of the virtual networks.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

Securely connect remote locations, offsite workers/telecommuters, and mobile devices over public networks with high-level encryption.

pfSense Network Security
Snort Intrusion Detection
pfBlockerNG DNS & IP Blocking Blacklists
Suricata Intrusion Detection