Next Step!

Yes, that was indeed a LOT of information.  It is completely fine if you need to send multiple submissions to get everything filled out, so keep them coming!  Thank you for taking the time!

Implementation Process

Step 1

Data Collection

Gather the incredible amount of information, and send it over to us in aid of programming your brand-new SpydurPBX! The more accurate and complete the information is, the closer your SpydurPBX will be exactly what you are looking for (right out of the box).

Step 2


We will program your SpydurPBX as we get the information, but ALL information is necessary before we can ship (so please keep it coming). This is the single, greatest determining factor in shipping your system out quickly. Example: we can create your extension directory (once sent), but cannot program telephones without IP addressing!

Step 3


This amounts to opening boxes, placing telephones, and connecting devices!  Installation may be completed all at once, or in stages (e.g. first upgrading your network infrastructure with PoE switches). Depending on your needs/desires, this me be: an included onsite installation, or done by your own in-house personnel.

Step 4


Once your new SpydurPBX is plugged in and tested working, administrators/management is extensively trained one-on-one with a trainer, on your own system!  The amount of time will vary in length based on the number/depth of questions asked during training, and may be segmented across several days if needed.

Step 5


Once you are more intimately knowledgeable of how the SpydurPBX works, and what it is capable of… we go through its programming a second time! We further tailor your system so it works exactly how you want it to. We will happily do this programming for you, or you can do it yourself and we’ll double-check you!