Proudly American

We are located in the great Sunshine State of Florida, and are committed to always sourcing from other American companies whenever possible. This helps our country and means significantly greater quality components for you!

Spydur Technologies Florida, USA
Bogen Communications Intercom & Overhead Paging
New Jersey, USA
Cisco Telephones Network Switches, Routers, & Telephones
California, USA
Corsair Memory (SpydurCore & SpydurByte Wallmount)
California, USA
Dell EMC Tower & Rackmount Servers (SpydurPBX)
Texas, USA
Intel Processors & Wallmount Servers (SpydurCore & SpydurByte)
California, USA
Kingston Technology Memory (SpydurByte Rackmount)
California, USA
Mushkin Solid State Drives (SpydurCore & SpydurByte)
Texas, USA
Netgear Network Switches
California, USA
Poly Telephones Telephones & Headsets
California, USA
Red Hat CentOS Operating System
North Carolina, USA
Spectralink Telephones Telephones
Colorado, USA
Supermicro Rackmount Servers (SpydurByte)
California, USA
Valcom Intercom & Overhead Paging
Virginia, USA

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