Meet Jason!

Old School Telecom meets Information Technology with this "hybrid technician"... this mad scientist may be missing a few screws, but knows exactly where all the nuts & bolts are when it comes to IP telephony!

Support Technician

(800) 896-8187 x240

What I do to help service you!

Support Technician – Does what it takes to make ‘it’ (whatever that may be) work perfectly… every time!
Installation Professional – Implement systems both onsite and as remote support for our valued Impact Business Partners and End Users.
Research & Development – Integrating emerging technologies as they mature and prove themselves to be useful and production ready!
Technical Training – Helps our valued Impact Business Partners and End Users to better understand how things work in order that they may become more comfortable, confident, and self-sufficient.
Demonstrations – Sharing live and interactive demos with those looking to see the best there is!

Fun Facts

Musical Instrument – Electric Guitar (Lead/Rhythm)
Preferred Caffeine – Guarana or French Vanilla Cappuccino
Sports to Play
– Inline Hockey
Sports to Watch – Football
Vacation & Relaxation – Fly somewhere, rent a car, and wander/explore… no guides please!

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