Meet Guillermo!

This operations aficionado slices and dices, documents, builds, and is the one most likely to have pre-programmed that brand spanking-new system of yours!

Support Technician

(800) 896-8187 x214

What I do to help service you!

Support Technician – Does what it takes to make ‘it’ (whatever that may be) work perfectly… every time!
System Builder – Pre-programs all systems to be plug ‘n play ready; so you do not have to!
MDF Construction – Responsible for all pre-assembly, pre-wiring, and custom mounting on a backplane. Wallmount systems only require you to open the box, screw it to a wall, and connect your lines; that’s it!
Documentation – Generates the documentation to help make your job easier and more straight forward.
Marketing – Creates many of the graphics and banners seen in our various marketing materials.

Fun Facts

Musical Instrument – Electric Guitar
Sports to Play – Soccer
Sports to Watch – Basketball

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