Meet Gary!

Gary is the primary Inside Sales Engineer for Spydur Technologies (with an internal title of CBW), and has been in the telecommunications industry since two cans were first joined by a string.

Inside Sales Engineer

 (800) 896-8187 x207

What I do to help service you!

Inside Sales – Maintains positive relationships with all of our valued Business Impact Partners!
Project Management – Keeps all aspects moving forward in the right direction toward a common goal
Promotions & Discounts – Provide savings whenever available via manufacturer incentives
Sales Engineering – Listening to what is trying to be accomplished, and building the best solution to fulfill all objectives for each unique application
Sales Training – Helps to improve your sales agents’ earnings through different strategies
Scheduling & Coordination – Arranging times/dates for Demonstrations, Installations, and Training Sessions

Fun Facts

Preferred Caffeine – Black Coffee
Sports to Play – Table Tennis
Sports to Watch – Basketball & Football
Vacation & Relaxation – National & State Parks

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